Refreshing & Punchy Sobolo Drink

Refreshing & Punchy Sobolo Drink

Hot weathers call for something refreshing to quench the whole family’s thirst. This light Sobolo drink just does the job.

Being able to provide my family with something refreshing and yet healthy is very important. This recipe here just ticks all the boxes for me plus it is also punchy. It has the right kick that is so satisfyingly refreshing.

Please find the recipe below.

Refreshing & Punchy Sobolo Drink

  • 1 Medium Pineapple
  • 1/3 Cup Sobolo (Hibiscus Leaves)
  • 1 Medium Size Lemon
  • 3 Long dried Cayene Pepper
  • 10 Hwentia (Grains of Selim)
  • 300 g Fresh Ginger
  • 1 tbsp Cloves
  • Sweetner of Choice – Honey or Sugar
  • 3 lt of Water
  1. Wash all the ingredients in vinegar water.

  2. Cut the pineapple head and cut up into smaller chunks. Peel the skin and core the pineapple. Place pineapple peels, skin and core into a pot. Reserve a slice of the pineapple skin with flesh to use as decoration. Also reserve the flesh to eat.

  3. Slice the lemon and add into the pot.

  4. Slice the ginger with the skin on and add it to the pot.

  5. Add the cloves, pepper, hwentia and water to the pot.

  6. Boil for about 30 minutes. Turn the heat off and allow the drink to steep overnight.

  7. In a bowl, strain to remove the ingredients. Separate the ginger and pepper from the chuff.

  8. Blend the ginger and 1 pepper ( or more to your preferred heat level) with some water. Strain and add it to the rest of the drink.

  9. Sweeten the drink with some honey or your preferred choice of sweetener. The amount of sweetener is to your preference. You could do without sweetener as well but for the kids to enjoy, make sure it is well sweetened.

  10. Pour the drink into jars and chill. Serve well chilled with some extra ice, mint and garnish with some pineapple wedges. Create other refreshing and beautiful drinks from this, such as the coconut mock tail I made in the video. Enjoy this refreshing and punchy drink.