Knowledge Bank – Wide3 Aba (CALABASH NUTMEG)


#Wide3Aba or #CalabashNutmeg #africannutmeg or #ehuru (Nigerian) or #Jamaicannutmeg or # monodora #myristica.

I love this spice, for me it brings back memories of the #Xmas air. My mom would add this spice to our #Xmas #soup, the flavour & smell that filled the house was just Christmasy!
#Wide3aba has a sweet, woody & fragrant smell. It’s quite similar to nutmeg but more pungent. History has it that #wide3aba was used as a substitute for nutmeg in Africa hence it’s name #CalabashNutmeg. It’s mostly used in #soups, #stews, #cakes & #pastries. It’s also used for medicinal purposes. Ghanaians particularly love to add it to their spice concoction for purging. Actually, in recent times, most Ghanaian think that this spice is for just for purging and not for cooking. This shows how much knowledge we’ve lost along the way to advancement!
The health benefits of wide3 aba include:
•Used in soups together with #esorowisa (Ashanti pepper), for newborn mothers for easy control of uterine hemorrhage.
• It’s believed that soups made with wide3 Aba & esoro wisa help newborn mother’s milk to start flowing normally immediately after childbirth.
• It’s used as stimulant to relieve constipation.
• Treat body aches, chest pains and rashes due to river blindness and leprosy.

Whilst researching, I came across this interesting study, which I think would be a major breakthrough if the study is or has been researched further. This extract was taken from “ new study entitled, “In vitro antisickling effects of Xylopia aethiopica (hwentia) and Monodora myristica (wide3 Aba)” has just added these spices to the list of food items that can help to alleviate problems associated with sickle cell disease.”

The study tested extracts of Xylopia aethiopica (hwentia) and Monodora myristica on blood samples from patients with sickle cell disease. They found that they were able to prevent red blood cells becoming sickle in shape to varying extents.
The experts suggested that these spices, when used in combination with other nutritious foods like fruits & vegetables might be a promising option for the effectivemanagement of sickle cell disease