Sardine Shito & Tuna Shito Sandwich Bread

This sardine shito & tuna shito sandwich bread is just so delicious. If you love Ghana bread, shito, sardines or…


Delicious Tilapia Light Soup

This Tilapia light soup is fresh, heartwarming, mildly spicy, and rich in flavour and taste. Cooking soup with fish can…

pulled chicken salad CategoriesRecipes

Pulled Chicken Salad for Wraps & more

This pulled chicken salad is a keeper because it is just so versatile. It’s one you can make ahead for…

hard chicken peanut butter soup CategoriesRecipes

Hard Chicken Groundnut Soup

tuna & mackerel stew CategoriesRecipes

The best tasting Tuna & Mackerel Stew

Another traditional Ghanaian stew is Tuna & Mackerel stew. This simple stew is packed with earthy flavors and it is…


Delicious Turkey Thigh Seasoning

This is a simple and easy seasoning for fresh turkey. I used an air fryer to cook the turkey but…


Easy & Tasty Grilled Mackerel

This is an easy way to season and grill some mackerel to have an authentic Ghanaian taste, flavor, and texture.…


Delicious Oats Pancake

My kids love pancakes and being a mum who tries her best to provide nutritious food for my family, I…


Crispy Finger Licking Chicken Wings