Uses and Health benefits of Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil

Aftrad Village Kitchen’s Virgin Coconut Oil is produced by a reputable and leading supplier of coconut oil in Ghana.

The coconut oil is produced from fresh mature coconuts at low temperatures. It contains no chemicals. The fresh coconuts are harvested from farms which use organic fertilizers and pesticides.

Our coconut oil consists of mainly medium chain saturated (MCS) fatty acids, which are antiviral, antifungal and antimicrobial. These MCS fatty acids are fully used by the body for refurbishing the cells. They do not contribute to body fat.  They are a natural component of the mother’s milk for the healthy growth of the tender baby. MCS fatty acids are used in intravenous infusions for premature babies all over the world.

Coconut oil, used as part of the daily meals, enhances the taste and quality of the food while promoting good health, thereby, reducing the health bills. It also enhances the senses, physical and mental strengths, especially of babies and children. It prevents obesity and associated diseases.

Coconut oil has been tested and proven to have many healing properties as food and food supplement. Medical and nutritional experts claim that virgin coconut oil prevents and heals a number of yeast, fungal and viral diseases including the common cold, flu, candida, measles, ringworm, athlete’s foot and herpes. It has also been shown that virgin coconut oil heals sores, burns and many infections and diseases of the skin and hair.

Some extended benefits of using Coconut Oil

Using coconut oil as part of a daily balanced diet is known to: –

  • Provide the right fatty acids for the cells, thus preventing many diseases;
  • Heal acne, pimples, eczema, dermatitis, thrush, diaper rash, ring worm, athlete’s foot, candida (whites), shingles, herpes, measles and various skin infections;
  • Balance cholesterol ratios, thus reducing the risk of heart diseases and other degenerative diseases;
  • Enhance the absorption and utilization of vitamins, essential minerals and micronutrients;
  • Reduce the rate of occurrence of the common cold and various types of Flu;
  • Weaken tendencies of obesity and overweight;
  • Ensure better sperm count and reinforce the health of sperms;
  • Promote nutritious, delicious and creamy breast milk;
  • Increase the chances of pregnancy and safe and natural delivery of healthy strong babies;
  • Facilitate healthy active growth of children, including brain power and physique;
  • Upgrade energy levels, especially for sportsmen and intellectuals;
  • Prevent menstrual pains, cramps and muscle pull.
  • Stimulate the senses e.g. good eyesight and hearing, youthful sensitive skin and healthy hair, strong gums and healthy teeth, etc.;
  • Improve insulin secretion and utilization of blood sugar, thus reducing the risk of diabetes;
  • Kill fungi, viruses and bacteria associated with ulcers, thus reducing the risk of cancers such as skin, colon, prostate and breast cancers;
  • Strengthen the body’s immune system, thus enabling those with immunological problems e.g. HIV, to improve their life style;
  • Serve as an excellent healing massaging oil;
  • Mend sores, cuts, bruises, broken bones and burns;
  • Invigorate the reproductive organs of both male and female;

Uses of Coconut Oil


Coconut Oil can be used for food including stews, fries and pastries. It is often used as a spread for bread and biscuits. It may be consumed in hot beverages, warm fruit juices or warm breakfast cereals. It is excellent for salads and ice creams.  It greatly enhances the flavour and quality of stews, creams and baked and roasted foods including, fish and meat.


Coconut Oil can also serve as a body or hair cream. The skin uses it as a moisturizer. It also protects the skin against harmful viruses, fungi, bacteria and disease causing microorganisms, thus preventing/healing almost all kinds of skin diseases. Coconut Oil gives protection from sunburn and improves the quality of sun tanning. It helps wrinkles to fade and make the skin baby soft

Coconut Oil serves as food for the hair and promotes healthy hair growth. It enhances the work of the sebaceous glands of the hair follicles.


Coconut Oil may be used, as the base fat of a VCO Ketogenic diet, to support a medical regime recommended by medical professionals, experts or specialists. It supports the body to use effectively the constituents of the drugs. A VCO Ketogenic diet taken daily for about eight weeks should assist to normalise blood sugar level for diabetics, prevent asthma attacks, improve the lifestyle of the immunologically impaired, remove many tens of kilo grams for the obese, eliminate menstrual pains, stop frequent muscle pulls for sportsmen and provide relief for many ailments including heart diseases and signs of cancer.

Most health professionals recommend 20 ml of virgin coconut oil thrice a day as part of the normal meals. This quantity taken as part of the normal daily meal should heal ailments such as candida (whites), thrush, peptic ulcer, athletes’ foot and various skin infections and prevent most of the non-communicable lifestyle diseases.


Information credit:

Dr Kaku Kyiamah & Miss Ekleba Kyiamah

Other Fact References: