Knowledge Bank – Efom Wisa (GRAINS OF PARADISE)

Efom wisa also known as grains of paradise/alligator pepper/guinea pepper is from the ginger family, Zingiberaceae. It has a pungent, peppery flavour with citrus hints. It is often described as a vibrant blend of ginger, cardamom and pepper. It is sometimes used to replace black pepper. It can be used to season meat, chicken, pork, in baking and traditionally in brewing of beer and other alcoholic beverages.

Apart from its culinary uses, it has lots of medicinal properties. It’s used as a remedy for ailments such as snakebite, stomach disorders and diarrhea. The seeds contain a chemical named gingerols which may be used against cardiac diseases, diabetes and inflammation.
Other benefits include:
▪ helps to increase the production of breast milk.
▪ In many African countries, grains of paradise are used for treating measles and leprosy.
▪ Hemorrhage that is often related with childbirth may also be dealt with using this spice.
▪ Grains of paradise can also help with heartburn.
▪ They are also considered as a powerful aphrodisiac.
▪ This herbaceous plant has also been found to be effectual in treating the deadly condition known as schistomosiasis.
▪ They may be chewed to sweeten the breath.

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