Time Out Accra: Top Five Ghanaian foodie Instagram accounts

Time Out Accra

Thank you to Time Out Accra for featuring us in their Top Five Ghanaian Foodie Instagram Accounts. Below is an excerpt of what they said about Aftrad Village Kitchen.

”This is one of the most inspirational African food blogs and Instagram accounts – who
wouldn’t want to make these recipes after seeing such mouth watering pictures? Behind it is UK-based Joana Yeboah- Acheampong, and she is a great experimenter of recipes and loves to share them. Most of the recipes and articles are focused on Ghanaian food, but can feature recipes from across the continent. Recent posts that caught our eye included a
recipe for tilapia light soup and yam chunks, photos of glorious-looking red fish stew and the fascinating little ‘Knowledge Bank’ posts offering a greater knowledge of West African food. This is just what an engaging Instagram feed and blog should consist of.

Who’s hungry?!”

Find the full article here.